I'm a victim of too many poor teams... Sometimes a person takes forever to reach a door. Sometimes a person does not declare what they have gated or can take a long time to get teleported. A lot of times the people aren't paying attention to the pot being made, or if they ask me to RS Gold gate the like, but sometimes they do. It is still a challenge to master the art of skilling in the 148. I can't believe teams in 148 , so I simply do dungeons by myself, (moving ggs everytime, taking keys to run, etc). ...)

I see a massive drop in the number of Dbones. I'll say soon they could fall as low as 2K. In the end you could go even higher than 2k. Prayer is among the skills severely dependant on updates in terms of rising in value. For instance, when Piety is available, and prices rocket with 1000 gold being added over the course of a day.

Why? There's not that many bones in circulation, everyone wants them, supply is depleted and prices rise to keep up. Unless there's no updates released making high prayer necessary, it will decrease steadily. When you begin seeing new prayer materials that call for more prayer (70-99) then it'll increase to a higher level.

If there isn't any new updates then it'll continue to decrease. Maybe not as much every week, but it'll go down a bit each month as years go by. It's just a volatile skill and is a little like herblore. It's true, with bots from frost dragons being able to play a ball, and blue/green dragons inundated with bots I can imagine the cost decreasing rapidly.

You might say prayer is a money-loser... directly sure, it's. However, if you have, say, 95 prayer and experience turmoil, you pk and master it and then start making more money then before. Therefore, prayer can make you money indirectly. Price will fluctuate up and down with Buy OSRS Accounts each passing day, but it will continue to go down over the long term.