NCSOFT announced Lineage2M , a new version of Lineage 2M Diamonds the well-known MMORPG that is accessible absolutely free of charge on Android . In it, we embody the role of the "heir" who was able to stop the evil wrought by the evil Etis and the army of his. A handful of races and more than 30 classes to select from are a few of the tools that we have to fulfill the objective of this game, which becomes boring as time passes. Our Moto G100 became our main weapon , and we'll tell our readers what the experience was like in this review!

The story behind Lineage2M is simple and concrete. After a lengthy introduction showing an epic battle in a castle, we come upon a formidable villain known as Etis and has brought destruction and death throughout the country. A small group of rebels will fight this evil tyrant who has a secret weapon up his sleeve: the character.

Affectionately known as " The heir " The avatar from which we will select the race (human, dark elf, elf, dwarf, orc) is equipped with a special power of the deity Einhasad that allows it to destroy the opponent and his plans. The goal is in preparing ourselves for the arduous road to that final battle.

To farm like the machine

The combat system is interesting, but repetitive things. Basically, the axis of the question is to explore on your own or in groups with other players on the map of the different cities we travel through in order to fulfill the mission of the various non-controllable characters. The mission will mostly involve attacking and defeating all enemies who stands in our path (from small creatures to Lineage 2M Diamonds for sale more powerful ones as we progress). The reward will be experience to level up the character's abilities, and consumable equipment and items.