Congratulations! You've decidedthat it's the perfect time to be a part in the so-called, American Dream, and own a home that is yours. But, if you want to make this something that you can enjoy instead of a potential nightmare it's best to fully consider, the challenges, ahead, and the reason why everyone, especially, those who are first-time homeowner in blue world city, must consider what they can manage to pay for! With this in mind, this article will try to, briefly, consider and review, study and go over five essential considerations that you need to understand, before proceeding to guarantee a slightly relaxing, stress-free enjoyment of one's residence, instead of suffering the consequences of a financial pit.

1. Liquid assets that are in the bank to pay down, closing costs, necessary reservesFollow the adage, Be aware before you jump,and proceed, with your eyes - wide - open,rather then battling a type of buyer's remorse! If you plan your finances beforehand, you will experience far less anxiety! Will you have the amount of liquid assets, available, for the down payment (often up to 20%) of purchase price of the home) or closing costs (including pre - paid utilities and real estate taxes) the legal fee for mortgage-related costs, etc). And, if you are prepared, having the reserves required. These reserves should, include but are not limited to: repairs; renovations maintenance, upgrades; energy contingencies, etc. It is advised to keep at least up to six months, worth of cash in case of an emergency and other eventuality.

2. A comfortable monthly payment:Examine your personal comfort zone, and avoid being house-rich, but, in other ways, in need of a boost! How does the mix of every month's payment to your mortgage (including principal, interest, escrow items such as insurance and real estate taxes etc) How do you feel? Will you be content with it, or cause excessive emotional tension and stress?

3. Your needs, versus wish - list:What do you, really, need, for your homeas opposed to what you wish for, and/or hope for? It's wonderful to desire the best, but make certainthat it's a wise decision, for you!

4. Homeownership obligations:Are you prepared, eager and eager to take on the inevitable responsibilities that come with the home you own? They include maintenance, financial responsibilitiesor necessities, and remaining satisfied with your home, neighborhood, or your neighborhood!

5. Is this the right house for you? Make sure you do your research make sure you have your finances organized, address your personal credit, and, then, know what you need, want, and can pay for! The more you understand, and plan, the better off, you'll be!

What's the use of owning home if your it brings you happiness instead of causing you unnecessary, anxiety? You can be a smart homebuyer!