To the surprise of fans of the series, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic re-releases on select platforms in November 2021. It was a welcome re-release, but it did cause controversy. That complaint was finally resolved in a recent patch, but we're not talking about fonts here, we're talking about Cheat Codes here. The latest patch includes a way for players to Buy SWTOR Credits that has never been seen before.

It's cool and less surprising. Most of these games are designed for mobile devices, and some Cheat Codes are very useful in older games. If a player saves in the wrong spot and gets stuck, or just wants to speed up a particularly tricky dungeon, they can now easily turn on cheats and make their way through the Sith Empire.

Knights of the Old Republic has been re-released on major platforms, but there's no specific solution to how players should access cheat menus on those platforms without controller support. Of course this is not the most important, players should collect as many SWTOR Credits as possible during the game.

The cheat menu has multiple powerful options for easy cheating. Selecting options like "Add any feat" or "Create Item" will open up a list that players can choose to unlock. That's a whole bunch of cheats, and I have to assume they're designed specifically for the iOS/Android market. Cheat menus are common in mobile re-releases of video games. Finally, players who want to buy SWTOR Credits can opt for IGGM.

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