Diablo 2 Resurrected Gems, like Runes, are a combination of insertable items that enhance a character's stats. Diablo 2 Resurrected's Sanctuary The world of war is filled with unique D2R Items and gear, and players can choose to level up their characters to kill hell with ease.

As you complete more quests in Diablo 2 Resurrected, you'll also accumulate more insertable gems, adding a whole set of gems to armor and weapons to enhance your skills. Players need to understand the tiers and attributes of gems, how to combine them, remove them, and the appropriate classes.

What About Diablo 2 Resurrected Gems

Diablo 2 Resurrection has seven different gem types with five different tiers. The lowest is Chipped and the highest is Perfect. Different types of gems are embedded in different parts of the kit to provide different properties. So putting a gem in your weapon will get different properties than welding it into your body armor.

How to Combine D2 Resurrected Gems

Use the Horadric Cube to combine broken gems into a sparkling new perfect gem. You will be able to combine three gems of the same level to get a gem of a higher level. If you combine three broken rubies, you will receive a defective ruby. So, open the Horadric Cube, put three gems in the slot, and click "Transmute" to operate the combined gems.

How to Remove D2R Gems

If you accidentally add gems you shouldn't have, or find or craft more advanced ones, you need to remove gems. To remove gems: first open the Horadric Cube, insert the inserted item, as well as the Hel Rune and the Town Portal Scroll, click "Transmute" to complete the removal.

Town Portal Scrolls are relatively common and can be purchased from most shop NPCs in major cities. Infernal Runes are harder to obtain, but can be obtained by defeating the Countess in Act 1 of The Nightmare and above, or by completing the Infernal Forge in Hell.

In fact, these operations are not a guide for veteran players, and novice players can do it with just a few operations. The hardest part is how to collect these gems or runes. Players who want to obtain higher D2r Items are best to obtain them in high-difficulty missions such as hell.

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