With the launch of Legends III, players have also gradually reported issues, including reports of missing items from Group Ironman's storage. The team at Old School RuneScape is also working on fixing these bugs to fix them and keep progressing.

The Legends III world launched and had to roll back the pre-update Legends to the server, and it seemed that everything was working fine, with all scores and progress being preserved. The world is successfully opened and the mode is online. However, no game is without bugs. However, the current Group Ironman seems to have the most impact. In any case, players will use a lot of old school runescape buy gold in the game

Although Group Ironman has been around for a long time, the shared storage of the Group Ironman team is still relatively new. Players have been reporting missing items connected to their group store. In an update in response to the initial report, it was confirmed that the group store is stored in a different location than the player's own saved file. These issues relate to the decision to roll back the master server to a pre-update point. It seems that players who moved items from the group store before the rollback were affected.

The fix isn't that simple, but the fix will come. After investigation, they found that some players lost items and some players received additional items. For those who have lost items, the OSRS team is aiming to restore items lost after this week's update. For those who get extra OSRS Items, no action will be taken as the impact is relatively small.

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