The UAE is an Middle Eastern country located between the Gulf of Oman and Saudi Arabia. Established in 1971, UAE comprises seven states, including Dubai that is the subject of this article.

The UAE is one of the wealthiest countries in the world desert safari dubai packages, courtesy of its vast oil reserves. When the world's demand for energy increased, UAE found itself in the unique position of sitting in the midst of vast oil reserves which will eventually fuel its rapid growth. Because of oil, UAE is one of its most advanced technological nations in the world as well as having Dubai as the crowning jewel.

Dubai due to its reputation as a hub for international business industry, (especially oil), has attracted foreigners in large droves. In the present, more than two thirds of Dubai population is made up of foreigners. Indians, Americans, Japanese, Chinese - Dubai's population is made up of people from all sorts of backgrounds. This makes Dubai an extremely diverse cities in the world.

Dubai, being a desert, has very dry and hot temperatures. It is not often that it rains and, if it does, its mostly during winter. The weather is generally sunny and clear for the majority of other times of the year. But, due to modern technology, the hot weather does not factor in to future travelers or new immigrants.

While the capital city of UAE is Abu Dhabi, Dubai is undoubtedly the tourism and cultural center of the nation. The most distinctive feature of Dubai is its openness to societyand its racial and religious harmony between people of varying ethnic backgrounds. Dubai stands as a wonder of modernity, an enormous city with huge towers and malls situated in the middle of the desert.

Dubai is an incredible destination for anyone with an desire to shop. The city is known as a city filled with malls Dubai can intoxicate the most reluctant of shoppers. With malls that extend across multiple football fields, visitors will find plenty to appreciate in this city.

Dubai is also a city with architectural beauty. The towering buildings, the vast boulevards, the massive marina, the outrageous hotels - all this can make a fan of modern architecture excited with joy.

Dubai is a wonderful place to spend a relaxing week with your partner or business partner, shopping, its food and also for its diversity and harmony.