Navigation not only allows us to go from one web page to the next, but it also allows us to grasp the relationships between particular websites. According to IA expert Nathaniel Davis in an essay for UXmatters, navigation is regarded as the tip of the iceberg that is a website's information architecture (IA). 

The importance of website navigation is at the top of the list of elements that influence the user experience. In fact, 94 percent of web visitors say that having rapid access to pages with search functionality and numerous paths is a top need. Surprisingly, website design navigation is frequently disregarded since many people feel it is nothing more than a table of contents. It is, however, the single most important aspect of the user interface for a website's overall success. Your business will suffer as a result of unreliable navigation.

Our expert advice, for a perfect navigation in website-
The goal while working on web design & development must be to keep it simple and intuitive to the maximum level. Each page should be suitably named, and the sub-navigation should correspond to the main navigation choice. Create utility navigation, a smaller navigation bar featured in the upper right of some websites, if you have a larger site map, to avoid overcrowding on the main navigation bar. 

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