If you want to improve your stats, I'd suggest 85 Strength and Attack and 80 Defense. You could go with lower stats , but that's inefficient to have slow kills/not many kills in a trip. It would be nice to OSRS Gold Buy have Eadgars Ruse completed, just because it's the fastest way to get to GWD. I'd also recommend that you have the required Summoning Level to at least have a War Tortoise to store things.

I've tried to make the armour as low as possible so it's not too expensive, for example the Divine Spirit Shield would be the best shield for use however not everyone could afford it. Hope this helped, If you'd like to have an inventory just ask. Usually it's not too hard to figure that one out.

Which barrows should i get torags or guthans? Both are cost-effective for me. Also , since i'm considering the barrows set should I stop working towards a fighter torso? What do I do with my dragon platelegs as well as rune platebody?

If you are looking for a barrows set, I'd suggest Veracs. The skirt and helm offer the most defense in their position (of the barrow's armours) and the brassard is a little weaker than Torag's, Guthan's or the plates of Dharok. But, Verac's is a nice prayer reward (unlike other armours for barrows) as well as a great set special.

In the meantime, I'm assuming there's already Dragon Legs and you're aiming at a torso of a fighter, and what I'd suggest for your to RuneScape Gold 2007 consider is use them as your main armour, but have a Guthan's set with you to make use of its special attack as a healing mechanism.