Park view city Islamabad location is situated near Gate 1 of the city. The residential block of the best quality is located near the commercial area in downtown. It is scheduled to be converted into a luxury living space.


Overseas Block - Park View City Islamabad


Many former Pakistanis are in search of an affordable home in a highly sought-after location. Park View City Overseas block offers them the chance. Like Golf Estate this block was recently announced in response to the needs of foreign Pakistanis. People who are allowed to reside inside the building are holders of NICOP.

The standards of this block are comparable to those of other cities, meaning that international Pakistanis will not feel any distinction. The design of the block ensures that the most up-to-date services are available even to non-native Pakistanis. The block is a testament of the international Pakistanis who have helped aid in the development and growth in Pakistan.

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block payment plan is reasonable in comparison to other plans. Residential plots comprise plots ranging from between 5 and 10 marla. The payment is paid in three installments spread over a period which is 3 years.


5 marla plots are purchased for 6.500,000 due to the down payment is 1,625,000. The cost of every installment will be 608,375. The price of 10 marla plots in the Overseas Block is 11,000,000, with an initial payment of around 2.750,000. The price per installment is $1031,250. The plots are offered for sale at 25,000,000 with a down payment of 6,250,000. The median of 8 monthly installments is 23443450.


It is split into 8 installments per quarter to pay for the remainder of the portion.


Market Trend and Plot Possession


The main reason for this was the need for a brand new residential development in Islamabad. Park View City came up with the idea to ensure that the housing requirements for prisoners can be met without issues. The prices of properties are high in Islamabad and the reason why residential developments like Park View City could help in keeping them under control.


When we examine the costs of plots across different areas of Islamabad the price is at least a million dollars to purchase. Thus having these developments will ensure that the requirements of residents are met with a low price.


Ownership of plots is open to property owners who have paid for plots they have. The remainder will be determined by the passing of the time. The voting process will be conducted every few weeks to ensure fairness the division of plots. It's an investment for the long term with unlimited possibilities.


Development in Park View City Islamabad

The work of development is progressing at an accelerated rate as the process of ground-leveling continues. The work for development in Blocks A and A is nearly complete and the remaining work will be completed within the next few months.


A portion of the region is being built prior to the timeline planned, and there is the existing treatment facility is being built in the region. The main entrance and wall that defines the boundary is being constructed and is nearing being completed. Pipelines for gas and water are being constructed to assist prisoners. The green areas are specially designed as part of the development process in order to make sure that the place remains in its natural condition.


A 200 foot. length main roadway that passes through the area is close to the end of its construction and will eventually complete the whole area in Park View City accessible from the main gate. Access roads are being constructed to ensure Park View City is connected via multiple routes to different locations of Islamabad.


Balloting for Plots in Park View City Islamabad

Voting in different areas of Park View City is continuing every day. The first round of voting occurred in March of 2019 , and the following rounds will continue until the final parcel is cleaned. Anyone who has completed the repayment of any outstanding debts is eligible to vote.


A range of names from different fields participated in the first stage of balloting. The owners were given plot numbers in accordance with the block's size and the size of the block. Additionally, the procedure for voting regarding the possibility of extending the blocks is currently being carried out.


The process of voting is carried out by an automated system to ensure that there's no doubt in the procedure for balloting. After a plot is allocated to a particular person They receive the entire document, along with all the information within the one week.




Park View City is an impressive development that can ease the process of purchasing commercial and residential property within Islamabad. It's an excellent opportunity for investors who want to buy the land inside Islamabad. Its beautiful facilities and attractive outlook makes it the most lucrative option for investment.


Banks such as Bank Alfalah and Silk Bank offer financing options to help in purchasing land in Park View City, so those who are interested can benefit from these programs. This is an opportunity that should not ignore.


Park View City - Total Land and Area


The total size of the development is 7,700 sq. Kanal. The area is proposed to encompass various types of properties including residential and commercial blocks, parks blocks, blocks, as well as other areas that are specifically designed to promote health and entertainment and many more.


Because this development is situated within the sought-after part of Islamabad the area's beauty is unrivalled. Additionally, since it is situated near to the Bahria Enclave, it adds to the worth of the plots within this scheme. The landscapes of the area being created for this project and the roads that lead to it, are breathtaking. The development projects that are planned to follow improve the beauty of this area.


Botanical Garden located in Islamabad is located close to Park View, and its gate 2 as as the main entrance point provides easy entry into this gorgeous region. The main entry point for this garden is located in Rawal Chowk, which is crucially situated.


The area is completely free of noise and pollution and provides the highest living conditions. If you're seeking peace and tranquility could consider this as their ideal home. An 200 foot. long and broad road links it with the remainder of Islamabad. CDA has given its approval to the road and construction is underway to build it within the time frame specified by CDA.