Shop later this February while the Ford F-one Rocket League Trading hundred fifty truck comes as a accessible car body.

Psyonix introduced its modern-day upcoming crossover with Ford and the F-a hundred and fifty RLE version with a press release and video at the Rocket League YouTube channel on February 10, 2021. From February 20 to February 28, Rocket League players might be capable of discover the Ford F-150 RLE car frame within the Item Shop for purchase at a price of 1500 Credits. The vehicle will characteristic the enduring frame of Ford’s flagship pickup truck and can be customizable with all your different gathered Garage customizations on your coronary heart’s content (they went with kiwi wheels, so something floats your boat).

Rocket League has had a few pretty big crossover occasions in recent months on my own. There changed into a massive Ghostbusters event full of vehicles, toppers, and different cool cosmetics primarily based at the popular ghost-searching franchise from Halloween 2020 through most of the season – one in every of multiple instances Psyonix has teamed up with that particular franchise. Meanwhile, kicking off this 12 months changed into a big NFL crossover in honor of Super Bowl 55, which featured crew decals, other cosmetics, or even RL Trading an American football-styled sport mode to go with it.