Map of Park View City Islamabad

Park view city Islamabad map of its position illustrates that it's accessible from various locations in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Some of the most well-known areas that can be reached by Park View City include Serena Hotel Islamabad, Bahria Enclave, Bani Gala, etc.

In addition These places are located in be found, it is located close to Chak Shehzad, Kuri Road and Park Road. The roads that can be used to get to these locations are Kashmir Highway, Islamabad Highway and Lehtar Road.


Park View City Islamabad map of location indicates that it is an excellent area in Islamabad and has a lot of opportunities for potential investors. Numerous access roads are being constructed in order to make it easier to access this project. They include Malot Road, while another access road is being constructed directly from Kurri Road.


Park View City - Total Land and Area

The total area of this project covers 7700 sq. Kanal. The proposed area covers various properties , including residential and commercial parks, blocks specifically designated for entertainment and health as well as many others.


As the project is located in the perfect location in Islamabad its beauty is unparalleled. Furthermore because of its proximity to of the Bahria Enclave, it adds to the worth of the plots included in this project. The landscapes planned for the site of the project and along the roads leading to it are breathtaking. The future development of the area will enhance the beauty of the region.


Botanical Garden located in Islamabad is located close to Park View, and its gate 2 and it's main gate makes it easy to enter the beautiful garden. The main entry point for the gardens is in Rawal Chowk, which is the most significant part of the garden.


The neighborhood is quiet and free of noise and pollution of the air. It is a healthy lifestyle. If you're looking for peace and tranquility , you are possible to select it as the best place to reside in. The 200-foot. wide road is being constructed for connecting the area with the rest of Islamabad. CDA has approved the road, and construction is underway to construct it in the timeframe that was specified.


Park View City Master Plan

Park View City master plan was created with the help of experts in the field of urban development and engineering. The planning committee has ensured that the layout of the various commercial and residential blocks is suitable for prisoners.


Park View City master plan is among the master plans carefully developed that is able to meet the needs of the future. It's comparable in terms of its sophistication to the most sophisticated projects currently in the process of development. There are various variations of this masterplan in order to ensure it's perfectly crafted.


The review team comprised of the most renowned specialists and designers from different development companies. This impeccable masterplan is one of the most sought-after designs in Pakistan for modern homes.


Project Details of Park View City

Park View City comprises different blocks, which are organized in alphabetical order. Park View City Islamabad location allows you to arrange these blocks according to how big of the land as well as the utilization of the blocks and the costs. Block J, which is the most recently added block of Park View City is Block J. Block J is a block that the developers recently added.


five marla plots are found within Blocks BK and F. Ten plots are situated inside Blocks A, B along with A and H. Block B C E Block B C E M Block B C and the N plots are all one Kanal accessible to investors.


Clients have access to HTML0 2 Kanal plots in Blocks A and D. As the process of development progresses the significance of plots across blocks will increase.


Park View City Terrace C Block


Terrace C Block within Park View City is one of the blocks with the lowest prices. It provides plenty of residential land with different sizes available for purchasers. The prices for this block are very low when compared to other luxury homes that are situated in Islamabad.


The dimensions of the plot that are currently to be purchased within the Terrace C block is 10 , marla. The plot is equipped with modern facilities and buyers will see the value for their money.


Park View City A & B Block


The blocks A and B in Park View City offer residential plots of different dimensions. These include 5-10, marla and 10.0 Kanal dimensions of the plots. The prices of the plots within the block are affordable and are accessible to people who are in the upper middle class.


The vast variety of sizes allows the inmatesthe choice of areas.


Park View City H Block


The H Block of Park View City Islamabad includes five and 10 marlas and 1-kanal plots. It's all about the budget and preferences of the buyer to choose the ideal size plot.


Commercial Downtown


The Walk Commercial Downtown is the heart of commerce of the region. It provides entertainment as well as other amenities for prisoners. There are different sizes of commercial plots in the mentioned region.


Investors interested in investing should contact customer service or other affiliated service providers to book plots.


The commercial parcels within the zone have dimensions that range from 6 to 8. The walk is one Kanal. Investors can select the one that is best suited to their needs.