Nova city Peshawar

Nova City Peshawar is a soon-to-be approved housing society which is being established in Peshawar created by the Nova group, which is located near the M-1 Motorway and near Charsadda in the city of Charsadda and Peshawar city. It is expected to become the most sought-after investment option close to Peshawar.

It is believed that the Nova Group has previously developed Nova City Islamabad, which was praised by investors. Investors from all across Pakistan have been investing and now it's an ideal time to make an investment in Nova City Peshawar for the highest return in Investment (ROI).


Nova City Peshawar Developers & Owners:

Nova City Peshawar Nova City Peshawar was developed by Nova Group on certified international standards. Nova Group has been a part of the residential real estate market of Pakistan for many years and contributed with cutting-edge residential projects.

It is believed that the Nova City housing scheme in Peshawar was developed and designed to achieve the highest investment opportunities in Peshawar. The site was selected in order to create an accessible residential area.


Nova City Peshawar NOC:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Nova City Peshawar is scheduled to be approved by the relevant development authorities. Developers have already submitted an application to the authorities to obtain this NOC at the beginning since investors are only able to trust homes that have been approved by the authorities. Developers and the management are also working to fulfill all conditions for the quick acceptance for the NOC.

Facilities & Amenities:

The city of Peshawar, Nova City has modern amenities and facilities for a reasonable price. The services are part of any modern society that can be described as a complete residential plan.


The developers have set aside a large space for the development of green areas like parks. Nova City is regarded as the most lavish community that has modern-day amenities and luxury.


The facilities within The Nova City residential project at Peshawar are as the following:



The society will offer an eco-friendly, natural lifestyle that is complemented by modern amenities. The natural-closed environment will offer the unique experience that will not be present in Pakistan's housing societies.


Water Resources:

The society has considered the water needs of the residents. To meet this need water reservoirs are being built to store a significant quantity of water that can be utilized by residents to perform their routine tasks. Furthermore, filters are also a component of the society to provide safe drinking water.


Health Facilities:

The developers have given particular attention to medical facilities that exist within the society. To address this they will build the most modern international clinics and hospitals. The emergency room will be accessible all hours of the day, and medical staff and the doctors will be on hand all day long.


Business & Commercial Hub:

They have provided for the needs of the inhabitants including commercial, economic and social needs. This is why the society will offer a complete commercial zone. Within these areas, residents will be able to meet all commercial needs within the community.


Secure Community:

The feeling of security is essential for a safe housing society. A gated community provides security. A security system that is properly installed 24/7 CCTV cameras as well as other security equipment provides total security to all residents. Additionally, the community will be protected by a wall that is an infallible system to ensure the highest level of security.


High-quality Road Infrastructure:

These roads as well as other infrastructures are constructed with the highest level of professionalism and the latest equipment to ensure the best development. The main boulevards and streets are large and spacious enough to offer the most beautiful appearance.