Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad is an elegant and luxurious residential project that is located in Zone IV in Islamabad. CDA has given the project approval and development work is currently in progress in the area. Vision Group owns the project. Vision Group owns the project and hopes to transform it into an elite communities in Islamabad.

Park View City is accessible from a variety of areas within Islamabad as well as Rawalpindi. The main boulevard in Park View City is 400 feet. It is wide and accessible without difficulty. In addition, the park View City can be accessed via Kurri Road and Bani Gala. It is a kid-friendly housing project that has been getting recognition because of the rapid development.


Here's a detailed description of the business, its advantages and advantages, as well being the reasons why it's a great investment for prospective investors.


Owners and Developers - Park View City Islamabad

The owners and developers of Park View City are the Vision Group. The Vision Group has been working for a long time in the fields of real estate development, development and management, in addition to other related fields. Their years of experience will ensure this project is a total success.


Vision Group Vision Group was established in 2012 since then, it has been involved in landmark projects such as Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, Park View Corporate Center Lahore, The National School, Park View Signature Apartments Gulberg, Lahore, and Park View Icon, Karachi, and many more.


Vision Group Vision Group has designed each of these projects to ensure the highest quality designs and infrastructure. Because of the previous projects, clients have demonstrated their trust in the group with this project. Park View City master plan.


Mauza of Park View City Islamabad

Project mentioned earlier is based on the project called previously Malot.


Park View City Islamabad NOC

CDA will be the one that issues NOC Certificates in Islamabad. CDA is expected to issue NOC under its direction to Park View City soon as the authorities in charge. When it is confirmed that Park View City has been approved, Park View project is approved investments will rise as more people are seeking to ensure your investment.


Map of Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad map of its location shows that it's accessible from various areas in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Some of the most famous areas that can be reached via Park View City include Serena Hotel Islamabad, Bahria Enclave, Bani Gala, etc.


Alongside these places to these locations, it is located near Chak Shehzad, Kuri Road and Park Road. The routes that can be utilized to access these locations are Kashmir Highway, Islamabad Highway and Lehtar Road.


Park View City Islamabad map of the location reveals that it's a great location in Islamabad and offers lots of opportunities to investors. Numerous access roads are being built to facilitate access to the development of homes. This includes Malot Road, while another access road is currently being built just off Kurri Road.


Park View City - Total Land and Area

Its total size for the project is 7700 square. Kanal. The area proposed encompasses a variety of properties including commercial, residential blocks, parks, and areas that are designated for entertainment and health purposes , and many more.


Because this property is located in the most sought-after region of Islamabad the beauty of this development is unmatched. Furthermore, because it is close the Bahria Enclave, it adds to the value of the plots that are part of this development. The landscapes in the area being developed for this project, as well as the roads leading to it are breathtaking. The development work to come will enhance the beauty of the area.


Botanical Garden in Islamabad is located near Park View, and its gate 2 and its primary entry point gives an easy access to the stunning location. The main entry point to the garden is located in Rawal Chowk, which is the main entrance point.


The area of residence is free from the pollution of the air and noisy. It is a peaceful place to lead a healthy lifestyle. For those who want peace and quiet may select this region as their dream home. A 200-foot. long, wide road connects it to the rest of Islamabad. CDA has already approved the road , and construction work is in progress to build it within the time frame that is specified.


Park View City Master Plan

Park View City master plan was designed by experts from various fields like urban planning, architecture and civil engineering. The planning committee has made sure that the layout of the residential and commercial blocks are suitable for the inmates.


Park View City master plan is one of the carefully designed master plans that are kept in mind the demands that the city will face in the near future the back of one's mind. It's similar in design to the highest prominent developments. There are various versions of the masterplan to ensure that it's perfect.


Review team consists of the first-time designers as well as experts from various development companies. Therefore, this master plan that is flawless is among the top plans in Pakistan for contemporary housing.


Project Details of Park View City

Park View City comprises different blocks that are arranged by alphabetical arrangement. Park View City Islamabad is located in Pakistan and allows the division of these blocks according with the size that the land is, use, and cost. The most recent block joined to blocks is Block J. Block J, which the developers added recently.


five marla plots can be found in blocks B K, and F. The plots for 10 are located in Blocks A B F H as well as I. Block B C, E N F M, and E are all 1 Kanal plots open to investors.


Customers have the option of two Kanal plots in Block D and P. As the process of development is continued, the value of plots located in various blocks will grow.


Park View City Terrace C Block


Terrace C Block inside Park View City is one of the blocks that have the lowest price. It provides lots of residential land of different dimensions for purchasers. Prices for this block are low when compared with other luxury residential developments that are located within Islamabad.


The available plot sizes to buy for the Terrace C block are 10 marla. The block is well-equipped with modern facilities and buyers will be able to appreciate the worth of their money.


Park View City A & B Block


Blocks B and A in Park View City offer residential plots that vary in size. These include 5 10, marla, as well as 10.0 Kanal sizes of parcels. The prices of the plots in the block are reasonable and are accessible to people who are middle-class.


The variety of sizes provides the prisoners the choice of plots.


Park View City H Block


H Block of Park View City Islamabad is comprised of 5 and 10 marlas , as well as 1-kanal plots. So, it's all about the financial condition and the preference of the investor on the most suitable size of plot.


Commercial Downtown


The Walk Commercial Downtown is the commercial center of the site. It is an area to entertain and supply the daily needs of the people living in The City. There are many sizes of commercial plots located in the mentioned region.


Investors interested in investing can contact customer service or other related service providers for plot reservation.


Commercial plots in this area are between 6 to 8 acres. The walk could be as long as one kanal. Investors can select which plot best suits their needs.



A deposit at the beginning required to book the plots is 20%, and the remaining installments will be paid in eight instalments. The length of the installment plan is 2 years and is suitable for customers with different financial background.


Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan for Blocks with different dimensions

It is a short explanation of the Park View City Islamabad payment plan that covers various block sizes. The payment plan is designed to be flexible and economical as compared to the dimensions that the blocks.


The plot's size and price is listed in the following.


Park View City Downtown Commercial Plots Payment Plan

The block has two types of commercial plots within this section. The plot that includes 6 marla is offered for sale for 42,000,000. The cost to join is 100,000. The down amount is 25% of the cost of this plot. The remaining amount will be paid in six installments over the course of a year.


Commercial plots that have 8 marla are for sale at 56,000,000. The cost of the membership amount is $200 000. Each quarter's installment is around 7,000,000.


Park View City Block A and B - Residential Plots Payment Plan

Three sizes of residential plots within Blocks A and B. They include five marlas, 10 marlas one Kanal and 10 marlas. The down amount for each plot is 25%, and the remaining amount to be paid by quarterly payments.


The price of a 5 marla plot is 6,500,000. 10 marla plots are 10,000,000 and the cost for one Kanal is 25,000,000.


Park View City Payment Plan for Terrace C Block

Terrace C Block has 10 marla residential plots to be sold with a price of 10 million. It is an initial down payment of $2,500,000 and four each month installments.


Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan - For Block C, D, E

C, D and E blocks within Park View City Islamabad have 1 and 2 Kanal residential plots available for sale. The down amount for the plots is 25% and is paid in four monthly installments.


1. The only Kanal parcel within Block C is offered for 25,000,000. Block E is available for sale at 30,000,000 and 25,000,000 due to the fact that there are two types of plots with the same size.


Two Kanal Area of D block is priced at 30,000,000, which is considerably more than the cost of the block.


Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan - For Block F

Block F has various sizes to select between. They include five marla plots, 10 marla plots, as well as the one Kanal plot. 5 marla plots are available for 5,000,000, while 10 marla plot is accessible for 8,500,000.



Park View Islamabad Payment Plan - Block H

The payment method that is offered to Block H in Park View City has three different sizes of plots. This includes five marlas, 10 marlas, one Kanal and 10 marlas. The price for plots with 5 marlas is 6,500,000, and for plots that have 10 marla is 10 million.


One-kanal plots are available for sale at a price of $30,000,000. The cost of membership differs for all sizes and starts at 7,500.


Park View City - Block J Payment Plan

Four kinds of residential plots which belong to Block J. They comprise 5 marla, 10 marla 1 Kanal as well as 2. Kanal.


The cost of a five marla plot is 6,500,000. 10 marla plots will cost 10 million. The price for a Kanal plot is priced at 30,000,000. The cost for two. Kanal will be around 65 million. The down payment on each plot is percent..


Price Comparison and Discounts

The price comparison of the various blocks of Park View City shows that Park View City's costs are more costly than the other communities. However, looking at the prices that are typical in Islamabad Park View City, it's not too expensive. The site of the plots makes them worth the investment.


Category Plots

A surcharge of 10% is assessed to plots within categories like the side facing or in front of the principal boulevard.


Park View City Islamabad - Features and Amenities

Park View City is being developed by a well-known brand in property development and planning. They have ensured that the residents living in the area will be able to enjoy all the amenities of urban areas. These are the primary features and facilities that the project provides.


Imax Cinemas

3-D technology and IMAX cinemas will be the main source of entertainment for those who live in the urban area. They will be able to avail of entertainment inside the area they live in.


Commercial Zone

The walk commercialized in the city will let prisoners to purchase the latest products of top companies. They won't need to go to different regions in Islamabad.


Parks, Zoos, and various Entertainment Areas

The principal objective of the creators is to provide a secure and comfortable environment for their residents. To achieve this, they've included parks and Zoos.


Community Centers and Clubs

Community centers and clubs are integrated into the program to ensure residents have healthy activities and interactions.


Health Facilities

Hospitals as well as other medical facilities would be crucial to help support this project. They will have a qualified personnel.


Educational Facilities

Schools, colleges, and other educational facilities are expected to be part in the city. The establishment of the National School under the supervision of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is the first step.



Mosques and other venues for worship are included within Park View. Park View residential society.



Park View City will make sure that residents of the area are secure, which is the reason, it will be an closed neighborhood. Furthermore the fence around the boundary and the security of the neighborhood could aid in keeping the prisoners safe.


Electricity, Gas, and Water Supply

Electricity, gas and gas supply is assured within the vicinity of the town. Administration will make sure that the supply of water does not create problems for the residents. A well-planned plan is in place to ensure this.


Underground Electric Lines

The electricity lines will be underground to ensure the safety of inhabitants. The underground cables will also ensure that electricity lines remain clear of natural hazards such as rain or wind.



The surveillance of Park View City will be performed by CCTV cameras, as well as security guards as well as entrance as well as exiting points.



Its infrastructure will be contemporary and in line with the latest standards of the most prestigious cities. It will be constructed in accordance with the beauty of Islamabad and will reflect an amalgamation that blends Pakistani and Western architectural styles.


Park View City Apartments

Park View City apartments are a viable alternative to plots built on their own. They will have modern amenities such as gymnasiums, pools, laundry and many more. The apartments will be like luxurious homes situated in Islamabad.


Botanical Garden

The botanical garden will be built in Park View City Islamabad to increase it's beauty. It will increase aesthetics of the area and increase the fertility of the soil. The garden described will be constructed with imported plants from all parts in the world . It create a unique model in Pakistan.


Park View City Islamabad - Golf Estate

Park View City Golf Estate is one of the new blocks that was launched recently. It is one of the most luxurious blocks in the city, and will add to the splendor of the surroundings. The block's position is in the Bahria Enclave, and it is accessible via the gate 2 at the entrance to Park View City.


It's a way to escape the hustle and bustle of Islamabad as well as Rawalpindi and Rawalpindi in which residents can take a break and enjoy the time they have. In addition to this, they can be able to play golf and enjoying the scenic beauty that is Margalla Hills. The spectacular view that can be seen from Margalla Hills and Golf lawns are a dream for people who are a fan of gold.


This plot is home to the 18 hole Golf Course that meets needs of golfers. There are many residential and commercial plots located within The Golf Estate.


Sizes for the plots of residential land consist of five marlas, 10 marlas, and one Kanal.