Voters in Switzerland will decide on Sunday (Feb 13) whether to become the first country to ban animal testing in a referendum that will also consider tightening controls on cigarette advertising.

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Campaigners who want to end all experiments on mice, rats and other animals gathered enough signatures to stage the vote under the Swiss system of direct democracy, meeting strong opposition from the country's huge pharmaceutical sector.

The industry, which includes heavyweights Roche and Novartis, says such research is needed to develop new drugs.

Supporters of a ban on animal testing, which government data shows caused more than 500,000 animals to die in Swiss laboratories in 2020, say the practice is ethically wrong and unnecessary.

The most recent opinion poll showed 68per cent of respondents opposed the proposed ban, suggesting it is unlikely to be approved.

The proposal to further restrict tobacco advertising looks likely to pass, with 63 per cent of people polled in favour.

Voters' answers will be binding on the government, which will then decide on how to implement the proposals.