The city is situated directly in the Arabian Desert, Dubai is one of the seven Emirates and the most populous of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With huge golden sand dunes shining like a garnet in an emerald ring of gold morning safari dubai, the farther East is an amazing sight to be seen, and not the South where gravel deserts dominate most of the region.

The temperatures are high throughout the year. However, the summer months see extreme temperatures that reach 40 degree Celsius. The winter months see a average is 23 degrees Celsius.

Dubai is a magnet for people from all over the globe to experience this extraordinary state and its synthetic structures. With new hotels that are sky-high being constructed along the coast along with those in the ocean, Dubai is unlike any other place that offers such a variety of cultures in one spot. There is a lot to see. Jumeirah beach being one of the most popular destinations for sun-seekers, luxurious hotels line the coast with the most famous and exclusive 6* hotel in the world - that's Burj al Arab. It is the Burj al Arab is located on an island in the middle of the ocean and offers modern accommodation, sumptuous menu's and unbeatable service. If you are able to tear yourself away from your room then hop in taxi (or chauffeur driven Rolls Royce if you're staying in the Burj al Arab) and make your way the Dubai city. Dubai city has a fantastic, traditional souk that offers a myriad of bargains, restaurants and hotel bars where you can chill after a long day of sunbathing, Mosques where you can experience the religious fervor of the Muslim religious orthodoxy, and where visitors come daily to hunt.

There's plenty of things to do traveling in Dubai For the daring, take a trip on the hot air balloon. from the heart of the desert, you'll embark on your magic carpet ride over your Arabic desert. Enjoy those hot desert sands shining like a garnet within an emerald ring of gold and see the occasional gazelle or camel wandering around for hours. For those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the sands, try an adventure on a desert safari in 4/4. This is where you'll travel in the 4wd, ride down the sand dunes before you take a leap to experience a spot of sand boarding an experience that will provide you with the most excitement as well as exhilaration. It's a fun day of laughter. The opportunity is given of riding a camel experience having your feet and hands painted in traditional designs of henna, and enjoy an evening meal cooked on the barbecue with the stars and watch a belly dancer dance to entertain you at the camp fire...and not forgetting the good old shisha pipes!

If you are unsure of which hotel to choose, there are some great bargains to be had when you book your trip to Dubai. The majority of travelers go for 7-10 nights but do remember when booking, the time frame of Ramadan runs between August - September. During this time it is forbidden to consume alcohol, eat or smoke in public areas, as this can be a source of offense to practicing Muslims. Alcohol is not served in many bars until 7pm. However, most major hotels cater to westerners by having their bar and restaurant open as usual. Therefore, whether you want the bustling city life or a tranquil hotel visit to Jumeirah beach, your will bring you all you'd ever want for and much much more.