Perhaps this friend mentioned what level of combat she was at when she earned all this money? This is a typical response to RS Gold all three... It's a he. He was able to show it to me.. It's not a flims lie. And he's 88cb now (same like myself).. If he had made it before even reaching lvl88 CB, that proves I could easily do it.

I'll go with him the second time he is online.. I'd likely train my str to 75-80ish. Maybe even up to 70 afterwards. However, training isn't easy as I'm able to spend approximately 2 hours per day online. It's like my only option is to kill 300 chickens a day and then place their bones in the ground for 30 years to gain maxed combat + maxed pray. However, i'm not going to wait till im in my late 40s to go for Bandos...

I get anywhere from 3 hours to 6 hours of rs on holidays (except on sundays when I am able to get 2 and a 1/2 hours up and running..) But I do not often get these as saturdays are working days for me. The past four days were holiday days when i had 4hrs, 3hrs 2.5hrs as well as 6 hours. A total of 15 and a half hrs online..

I spent the first day just playing around for fun, and powered-trained for the remaining 3 days by using slayer. I moved from 65 to 70 atk, and from the 25-45 slayer. So, he showed you his GP and, in a way, he IS NOT EVEN KIDDING? C'mon, man. You could have made it by flipping the coin, or you could have purchased gold.

Dude, there's a problem with your general training. Training for 3 days in power shouldn't bring you to 10K slayer experience, I'm getting that in about an hour. Although, I guess, at your level, sorry time was about 5/6 :3. What do you think you're saying in relation to OSRS Power Leveling chickens? Did you train them in the same way? in training?