There are nearly a thousand kinds of pokemon in the pokemon series from the first to the eighth generation. The weird rumors of Lavender Town in the first generation also made the dark ghost pokemon more magical. Let's take a look at the design inspiration of the three Ghost Pokemon in the eighth generation version. Do you want to know the story behind the elves?

Froslass-Folklore Inspiration
The eerily beautiful Snow Land Pokemon gets its name and peculiarly one-sided gender ratio by reviewing the embodiment in the Yuki-onna from Japanese folklore. This yokai provides extensive origin stories from different aspects of Japan, nonetheless, they all agree that this Yuki-onna is really a woman who froze to death.

She uses her paranormal beauty to kill unsuspecting victims. The Pokedex warns trainers to ignore any knocks around the door after a snowstorm and, by this story, they could want to take that advice.

Sableye-Literal Aliens With Weird Gem Eyes
Alright, this one is usually a little bizarre nevertheless it fits Sableye's alien movement patterns and general appearance. Yup, it is really an alien! Sableye is reminiscent of the Hopkinsville Goblins' description made famous with the Kelly-Hopkinsville alien encounter in Kentucky in 1955.

Shiny eyes, short legs, claws for arms, plus a disturbing sway all originate from descriptions by eye-witnesses. Many Japanese media platforms have adapted these creatures into media, thus it was only natural to feature one in Pokemon. It's shining from Does the animation feel more than other Shiny Pokemon?

Litwick-Secretly A Harbinger Of Death
It's obvious that Litwick is often a cute little candle that you could find sitting atop a mantle as part of your local haunted house, however, are you sure it's actually a friend? Litwick echoes a hit Obama - an apparition of the human soul beyond your body. If you take it a pace further, Litwick is additionally like a Will-o'-the-Wisp.

These spirits or disembodied souls offer guidance to travelers ultimately leading these phones to their destruction. It is the metaphorical representation associated with an unachievable goal, letting its victims chase it before the victim weakens and succumbs to its own faults and failures. What a bummer behind this sort of cute face.

I don't know if you still want to own them after reading their design inspiration sources or even go directly to buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon and look at their shiny pictures. Will you feel different?