Simply put, 1m isn't a lot more than an hour's worth of work.. And old school runescape gold i make roughly 800k-1m within 5 mins per day with dailies. And no, most users don't get anything.. However, the lucky few get some.. However, they are rare.

In FOG, my cousin would get around 11 tokens and 10 rating... while the last time I played I didn't have a lot. Did FOG change? It was that high in the time he had 1.2K Charges, and the Guy was around 100. Dunno bout FOG, but posted about the skills next to them in ()'s.

I'd like to buy the Explorer Ring and then get those statistics... Most of those numbers are for the Explorer ring, however. What should I buy first? Do you know what order I could put with them? Additionally, how much is does super heating cost? Mage xp as well as Smithing XP. I'm planning on taking them for super heating this weekend.

In F2P In F2P, unfortunately to say, there isn't much variety. The biggest chance to drop could occur from a Revenant, which is an infected dragon scimi. But aside from that the only thing you'll get are coins, which you wouldn't even place in your cash pouch.

In addition, if the revs decide to ramp upon you, the odds are stacked against you 80% of the time, unless you have an adequate amount of prayer left... that you're not even allowed to charge with the exception of a twisted bird neck, and remove the ankous from the next chamber. The main benefit from killing in f2p would be Lesser demons, Cockroaches and maybe Ankous at around 70 defense, or 70 range when you securespot and Greater Demons, tho it's not really advised due to their places all close to banks. The majority of people choose to buy osrs fire cape dungeoneer in f2p if they want to get rid of some bosses.