Do you prefer duelling or 2. Which is more likely to win? I want to RS Gold join the clan of dicing. What would the cost be to get into one for? Do you know of any which I can join? I really enjoy dicing, and would like to be a host and join.

Someone said that random people will pay you once you get the amount of people they'll let you in. You're only able to be fraudulent and you aren't duped. They also say... those trusted people could scam you , but they can't. What does that mean? He sent me an message, but I deleted the message.Pianist sent me the message, so if he's in this area... please help me out.

What is that? Do you know of any 55x2 clan that I could dice in F2P? Or 60 x 2? Who are you able to trust? 60 x 2 is more beneficial however 55 x2 is okay too. I should have received an extra 550k but I couldn't recognize it. 

I got scammed. I was on another account that had 230k. I could have been at 720k , but I'm at 170k now. The scammers are to blame. The guy diced like 10 times before when I scored a huge one, was a huge one, he quit.

If you're host 55x2 odds are better since dice dueling is 50/50. But you can make bank from huge pots if you have two players. 2B+, nope you're not able to Buy OSRS Fire Cape join any atm. Dicing works in this manner.