Legacy of the Sith is a brief update that, in terms of story, introduces horrific UI changes, reduces the number of new abilities you can gain as you level up, and has a lot of bugs. Many players were not impressed. Yes, overall very disappointing. But this is where I feel successful.

When starting character creation, you now choose your origin first, which determines your story and what NPCs think of you. These origins used to be the base classes: Agent, Inquisitor, Smuggler, and so on. Then there are the fighting styles, initially the advanced classes. So you can create a character themed as an agent, but they use all the abilities and gear of a mercenary, such as jetpacks and missiles. Force users to not be able to choose a technical fighting style and vice versa, but you can mix and match freely.

This is great if you want to experience the Jedi Consul storyline and earn Star Wars The Old Republic Credits, but don't like playing Saints or Shadows. One example BioWare gave when they first advertised these changes was Rex from The Clone Wars, one of the first characters that comes to mind when I think of Republic Soldiers. But he used two blasters, which the Republic soldiers couldn't. Now, though, you can choose a Trooper origin with Gunslinger fighting style, formerly a Smuggler advanced class, and live a double blaster life.

It's also a great boon for roleplaying, finally letting you relive the classic fall from the Jedi to the Sith. Previously, you could do this by making many dark side choices for your Jedi and throwing red crystals into their lightsabers, but mechanically, they'll never be Sith. This is no longer the case. During character creation, you must stay in your own lane, with the Republic and Jedi on one side and the Empire and Sith on the other. So, you can try to Buy SWTOR Credits on IGGM to boost your game.