When folks think of United Arab Emirates they think of elaborate skyscrapers, decadent restaurants, extravagant Dubai hotels and beautiful beaches. However, there's a different thrilling dune buggy tour dubai, more adventurous aspect to the region that despite its enormous growth in recent years, often goes under the radar of holidaymakers who are considering visiting. This is Dubai's fast-growing scene of adrenaline-pumping adventures and unique extreme sports that offer visitors the chance to try out some extraordinary activities that are unlikely to be found in other places. If it's skis on desert slopes, speeding across steep sand dunes or flying high above an arid mountain landscape There's something in Dubai that will satisfy any kind of thrill-seeker.

Snowboarders and skiers should not pass up the chance to take part in any of the many sand-skiingor sand-boarding excursions that depart the city daily. Tour operators drive deep into the desert in search of the most steep and evenly -shaped dunes. They offer guests Sand-skis that are made to effortlessly glide across the sand and not sink too far below the surface. Fans of snowboarding can choose Sand-boards, if they want to stick to the same principles.

Dune-bashing is an increasingly popular activity which includes driving an 4x4 across the Arabian Desert and accelerating up the highest dunes, before changing direction abruptly at the top to go back down. Drivers are experienced and always consult their passengers regarding how rough they would like the journey to be. Dune-bashing can be an amazing experience; the feeling as the wheels slide and slide across those desert slopes like none other type of driving, and one you are unlikely to forget in the blink of an eye. Tours can be arranged through the receptions at most hotels. Most tours are offered in groups, but for those looking to get involved in one-on-one tuition, individual lessons can be purchased from the majority of operators. Journeys vary in length and are able to be customized to meet the needs of your group; different stop-off spots are available for those looking to break up their day with a meal , or an additional activity.

For an aerial tour of Dubai, book tickets aboard a hot air balloon . You will enjoy breathtaking views of the city while you fly high over the desert. Most balloon tours last around an hour , and you can fly into the desert towards Fossil Rock in the vicinity of Al Faya Wadi. Bedouin villages and magnificent mountain scenery will pass below as you enjoy the amazing feeling of flying through the wide skies.