Dubai is thought to be one of the most beautiful and luxurious tourism destinations within the Middle East. Because of its rising popularity as a tourist spot and the lucrative revenue from tourism desert safari dubai deals, various cheap flights to Dubai are easily available these days. But, it is important to be prepared in advance so that you can ensure you've visited all of the tourist spots in Dubai so as to make the maximum out of your visit.

Flights to Dubai: Things to Do in Dubai

Once you have booked your flight to Dubai, your next consideration is to make sure you cover all sightseeing venues in the minimum time. So, plan your tour by keeping the following landmarks in mind:

1. Burj Khalifa: This is the tallest structure in the world, consisting from 124 floor. There is an outdoor observation deck located on the top floor, featuring a telescope that allows visitors to take in the city from this breathtaking topmost level.

2. Dubai Museum: The structure of Al Fahidi Fort, built to protect against the invasion of foreigners in 1799, has been transformed into the renowned Dubai museum. It allows visitors to have an experience of the rich culture and heritage of Dubai. The museum also gives visitors virtual tours of desert life, conventional Arabian homes and mosques, as well as ancient war and trade.

3. Grand Mosque: This is an iconic landmark that is a major spot of worship throughout the town. The site is along Bur Dubai's Bur Side of the city, this Grand Mosque was re-built in 1998. It is 70 meters in height and is regarded as the most tallest minaret of the city.

4. Wild Wadi Waterpark: Adults and children alike will be able to enjoy the thrilling water rides this park has to offer. The unique aspect of this theme park is that the amusements are based on The Legend of the Arabian adventurer, Juha and his friend Sinbad. You get the feeling of old Arabian lifestyle here.

5. Hydropolis underwater hotel It is the first Dubai luxury underwater hotel , and provides an experience that is unique to guests. The hotel's structure is divided into three sections - the first one is the land station, which is where guests are welcomed by the hotel's staff; second is the connecting tunnel through which guests are transported to the actual hotel; and the third is the main hotel interior.

These places need at least two days' time in order to enjoy their beauty to the max. Therefore, book cheap flights to Dubai early as you can and plan your trip in advance.

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