SWTOR's latest expansion, Legacy Of The Sith, is under fire from players on Twitter, Reddit and other platforms. The base game was released on November 21, 2011, and the current expansion pack is out on February 15, 2022.

The problems players faced included a series of bugs and some questionable design decisions, such as an overhauled user interface. But players first complained about the short story mode, which was not very friendly for them to earn Star Wars The Old Republic Credits. The biggest criticism was the term used to describe Legacy Of The Sith, with players refusing to even call it an expansion.

The majority of Star Wars The Old Republic's player base plays it for the story, but apparently the latest expansion's content hasn't been embraced by players. More and more players are expressing similar concerns on the official forum. BioWare, the developer behind the game, has been working on these bugs, but apparently has no intention of changing the user interface. The company made no statement about the story mode.

This frustration among players is reflected in their reviews of games on Steam. Legacy Of The Sith is currently pushing 100 reviews on the platform, and the overall response has been mixed. The overall assessment of the situation seems to be that while dedicated players should wait for the upcoming patch, new and returning players may just want to avoid this expansion entirely. However, it should be reminded that for players who are playing this game, they need to Buy SWTOR Credits, IGGM is a good choice.