Our commonly used mobile storage devices include mobile hard disks, U disks, CDs, etc. These devices have a common feature that they can store and transmit devices in real time. Now there is a tool that can turn our commonly used hard drives into mobile storage devices, that is all in 1 hdd docking usb 3.0‍, its appearance makes our usual idle hard drives turn into large-capacity mobile hard drives, today we will come first Take a look at the precautions for using this hard drive enclosure.

1. Don't touch

This is exactly the same as the mobile hard disk, because now the mobile hard disk is also composed of a hard disk box and a computer hard disk. At present, the hard disk in the hard disk box is basically a traditional mechanical hard disk. This kind of hard disk is very afraid of vibration and falling. Once it is dropped, the internal structure of the hard disk is damaged, causing irreversible physical damage that cannot be handled by ordinary software.

2. Although the USB interface is designed, in theory, it supports hot swapping

However, in practical applications, it must be followed to stop the device from working and then unplug the device. If it is a desktop computer, do not use the front USB interface for a long time. Many front USB interfaces have problems with unstable power supply and interface design. Assembly machines stand out in particular. After all, data security is above everything else. The switching time is basically negligible.

3. Once the file is lost in the mobile storage, do not try to detect it easily.

Many times the wrong operation will aggravate the failure to destroy the data. Be sure not to unplug and plug multiple times at will. If possible, change the computer to see if it works. Once it is determined that the work is not normal, keep the fault state and consult specialized personnel for analysis and processing. So everyone should pay attention to their important data must be multi-media backup. Simply saving a copy is not safe. Tools such as mobile hard drives are not safe for long-term storage of data.

It should be noted that when using the combination of hard disk and all in 1 hdd docking usb 3.0‍, you need to remember to back up data. After all, it is not a hard disk in the computer host. There is still a certain probability that data will be lost by using a hard disk box, so we need to protect important data. It is recommended to use cloud backup for backup. In addition, the loss of data is not terrible, the terrible thing is the random operation and recovery. It really can't be found.

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