Ranged Master/Deputy

For ranged weapons, in the main hand, the Rune Javelin deals 745 damage every 6 ticks, matching melee battle axes and war hammers. Their DPS is also 207. On the other hand, the off-hand rune crossbow can have the highest DPS, depending on its ammo. Its damage cap to ammo is about 480 damage per 4 ticks and about 200 damage per second. Next is the off-hand rune throwing axe, which deals 306 damage every 6 ticks, or 85 damage per second.

You can also get rune gear through the Grand Exchange. They are very expensive, worth thousands of old school runescape buy gold, because they are ideal devices, especially non-degradable. Also, this damage calculation is based on no bonus added. Depending on player preference, some character builds may be higher.

Ranged hands

There is only one weapon in this category, the Rune 2H Crossbow. It is slower than a normal crossbow and is two-handed, you cannot use a shield or off-hand weapon while using it. To compensate, it provides a base damage bonus that deals more damage per hit. It also grants certain abilities, such as Dazing Shot, that are not accessible to users with a one-handed crossbow. If offense is your priority and you don't need more defense, this weapon is your best bet.

Melee Master/Deputy

For Melee users, Runic Axes and Hammers deal 745 damage every 6 ticks. That's about 207 damage per second. This is followed by Longsword and Longsword, which do 204 damage per second. Axes and hammers have the same damage output, even when comparing their off-hand versions. They are offset by a fairly slow attack speed; the animation oscillates roughly every 3.6 seconds.

All runic two-handed weapons do the same damage, so it doesn't matter which one you use. They deal 1,117 damage every 6 ticks. Calculating their DPS turns out to be around 310 per second. However, they also have the slowest attack speed, with a wiggling animation every 3.6 seconds.

All rune gear can be crafted by any player with sufficient level in forging, with the exception of crossbows, bolts and darts which also need to be level in Fletching. Various mobs may also drop this equipment.

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