What food should I take? Are there any tools that OSRS Gold I can utilize to determine the number of monsters I have killed? How long will it take me to finish 99? Why should I not use range? I'm playing Slayer because I seem to enjoy it.

How are you going to manage to kill someone even if you try to lure them with the combat stats? If they're not level 3 or something. He's got a pretty decent distance...

I was actually victimized by an fantastic scam. What happened was that a person called me to ask me if I would like to be part of an RMV (Runescape Music Video) and said I would be given 2 million. He first offered me 100k as proof that he was legitimate, and we then started playing around, and I'd make up lyrics whenever he wanted me to.

Later on he ran into 2 "random people" that were actually his buddies and invited them to join the video. They agreed, and were with us all the time, singing lyrics as he instructed us to, etc. Then he informed us that we had to kill a more powerful demon in the next section which is why he offered us all the food (again so he looked legit) and then we through the wild.

On the way to the wildy, his 2 friends privately chatted with me and said we would all turn on the "leader" because he was believed to Cheap RS 2007 Gold be holding 5 million within his possessions. After we were out, they started killing him, and both were instantly skulled when they saw him being attacked. I knew long before that it was a scam so I didn't bother.