Lost Ark offers players multiple ways to earn sailboats, premium gear, or Lost Ark Gold. Collectibles are one of the longest-running features in the game, and the main item in this category is Mokoko Seeds.

It has thousands to collect, scattered around Arkesia. Players may encounter them in a variety of content, be it dungeons, quests, or islands. Blackrose Chapel is a map from East Luterra and it will take players some time to Buy Lost Ark Gold. There are not so many seeded maps in the game.

Therefore, here we present the location of all some Mokoko seeds in Blackrose Chapel. Some of these Mokoko seeds are hidden behind secret passages. The two seeds below the churchyard are in the house. To enter, the player simply goes through the door, even if it doesn't have a way for the player to open it.

The seed in the west of the map is hidden behind a secret passage, which is easy for players to spot when looking for it. Go to where the red line is and the player will find a burnt house. Enter it, and the player will naturally enter the secret passage. There are three Mokoko seeds inside, and they are quite far from each other, so the player has to do some exploration to get them. Seeds in the northern part of the map will also lead the player to the distant view, so be careful when collecting them.

Meanwhile, players need some Lost Ark Gold to speed up their collection of Mokoko seeds, and they can choose to buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM.