Diablo 2 Resurrected Magic Find has always been a hit with veteran D2R players, and it can improve the quality of the loot you find. Simply put, Magic Find (or MF) is a percentage bonus for finding magic items provided by certain devices.

The higher the percentage, the higher your chances of finding more magic, rare, set, or unique D2R Items For Sale in loot drops. It's worth noting that MF will only make these drops better quality based on your Magic Find percentage, it will not increase the chance of finding the item.

How Magical Find Affects Loot

As mentioned earlier, Magic Find will allow you to get even more magical loot drops. However, that doesn't mean you'll suddenly get higher-tier items or an increased amount of elite or preeminent items. Instead, it means that any drops you get will be magical or of higher quality.

How to Increase Magic Find

In D2 Resurrected, players can insert Perfect Topaz Gems into helmets or armor to increase Magic Find. MF can be increased by 168% with 3-hole helmets and 4-hole armors. Other items naturally offer some Magic Find percentage through the bonuses they offer. Characters who don't rely heavily on gear for offense (like spellcasters) can insert a lot of MF into their gear.

The caveat is that while you can go crazy with Magic Find percentages, it will have diminishing returns as your character may have to compromise on speed or potential DPS, making each Magic Find run slower than before. This means that you will see the amount of magic drop corresponding to the percentage decrease you increase.

MF will increase the chances of finding more, unique and rare magic items. Such as dropping special types of items, gems that are rarer than magic. Magic Find does not affect D2R Runes drops at all.

Highest possible Magic Find

Barbarians can also gain more MF because they have more resistance bonuses and skill health. They need less equipment to survive so they can get more MF Barbarian's max possible M is as follows:

+180% Weapon
+148% Armor
+80% Helm
+ 30% Belt
+50% Boots
+40% Gloves
+40% Ring
+40% Ring
+50% Amulet
+280% Charms

Total = 1118%.

The barbarian just gets more MF because he can dual wield weapons, which means more MF. Other characters will be reduced by 80%, and the total will be 1038%, as the weapon will be a shield with 100% MF.

Best Magic Find Percentage

According to statistics, the more you have, the better. Better results usually start at 80-100% MF and get better at 200-300%. Build MF and you'll find its changes.

Everything you find is magical when you have 500% +MF.
Going from 500% to 1000% +MF will only increase your unique MF by 253-259%. There is also a chance that your kill speed will be reduced by 50% due to less equipment.

It's better to stick to 500% +MF and run twice at 500% instead of going up. This way, your chances of finding something of better quality are higher. Therefore, it is recommended that you stick to MF around 500%. RPGStash also sells high-quality Items, which you can buy Cheap D2R Items from here if you need them in an emergency. Very convenient and fast.