There may be more Lost Ark classes in the future, although the Western version of Lost Ark offered by Amazon and Smilegate RPG already has prototypes containing dozens of base classes.
Lost Ark is a great game for alt characters, as MMO players of Smilegate RPG can choose from numerous categories. Your new Lost Ark Gold character will receive most of the game progress you made on the main system, as many classified characters such as Adventurer's Book, Collectibles, and Roster are account-wide. In addition to quickly leveling up many characters, players will be able to play the newly released classes effortlessly, all thanks to the new Powerpass system.
Here are some of the Korean versions of the lessons that may be coming to the West in the future
gunslinger scout
It's no exaggeration to say it's the most futuristic of its kind, using gadgets and a variety of weapons to take out enemies. Has the awakening ability to summon aerial bombardments and giant mechs.
Martial Arts Masterclass Long Spear
This is a powerful, AOE-focused DPS female class, as it can hit enemies at greater distances than most melee classes
Warrior Destroyer
This class may not be very fast, but its huge hits and high defense make up for it. This is a male-only fighter class with access to a plethora of two-handed weapons.
A treasure in the wizard profession
Arcana players can use magic, a unique class in The Lost Ark. Players can draw different magical effects from a deck of cards, either immobilizing enemies or dealing massive amounts of damage.
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