Geometry Dash is a name that will undoubtedly bring back nightmares from when you played it. It is definitely one of the most frustrating games to ever be released for the iPhone. You still wanted to play it.

It is understandable that the game is not being talked about much these days. It has been around for just over six years. There have been many spin-offs. The App Store now has the infamous Getting Over It, which is a more frustrating and popular game. Is Geometry Dash still worth your time in 2019? You should try one of these other games to get the same amount of emotional distress and irritation. Today's throwback review will reveal the truth.

Geometry Dash: You can't get over it

Geometry Dash, a platforming game developed by Robert Topala from Sweden, is being marketed by RobTop Games. The game has no purpose or narrative. You can select from many levels to start your journey, or pain, to the end of the game as soon as you log in.

Each level is different and each difficulty increases with your progress. Every level can kill you. You must start over regardless of how close to the end you came to finishing the level. There is an option to practice the level, which allows you to play it with checkpoints. This makes the actual level more manageable.

Each level has three golden coins. It's a challenge to find the right way to get them. To unlock more difficult stages, you will need coins at the end of the run. As you play the game, you'll unlock additional goodies like skins and colors for your characters. Great! I have more reasons to continue playing this game.

Your experience is what keeps you playing.

Because of their simplicity, the graphics are still very good. Geometry Dash is named after the fact that it's essentially a collection of shapes. Music is the real star of the game. Each level has a different song that will make you want to play it over and over again. You can also access YouTube links for each song if you are only interested in the music.

Geometry Dash is rhythm-based, so your movements should follow the beats. It is possible thanks to some great gameplay. Tap on the screen to control your character. You can make the right taps to avoid death. You'll be able to jump or ride a rocket and the game will respond accordingly.

It is difficult to win a level due to your character's speed and all the obstacles. Even though the controls are great, it takes patience and time to beat just one level.

Editor of Levels

If you have completed all levels of the game, or if your heart is set on quitting, you can create your own levels. You can create as many levels as you like, provided you beat the others. Other users can also create levels.

There are daily and weekly levels you can choose from, as well worldwide scores that will allow you to compete against other people.


Geometry Dash remains as fun and frustrating as ever. This game is a must-play in 2019. It's addictive, entertaining, and has enough items to keep you entertained for hours if you're patient. Geometry Dash can be downloaded from the App Store for $1.99. The Lite version is available for $1.99 if you aren't sure if this game is right for you.