Animal Crossing New Horizons has entered the modern moon. This means that many fish and insects have remaining and reached a virtual paradise. But what's amazing may be the introduction of Super Mario products. After the last update in February, I found out where Mario's backpacks are here approaches to get them at ACNH.

The game's spring update brings seasonal merchandise, as well as the current Girls' Day lasts until March 3rd. Players celebrate Pi Day before 14th, plus the 10th is Shamrock Day, though the terrifying leprechaun doesn't last. His missing gold medal. There is a lot of fun and fun in March, but below we'll show you where and how to get Super Mario items at Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

Where can I get Super Mario Items?
You can Buy ACNH Items from simple terms, searching the ALL Mario Update Items around the website on your game phone. If you need other items, you can also buy them on the site.

The Nintendo Direct trailer includes furniture and clothing that is to be available on February 25th, but accusation in court an update, not an appearance. As announced on Twitter, all iconic furniture and clothing will likely be stored until March 1st. This means that you can get decorations and turn this tropical isle into a mushroom kingdom.

How for getting Mario items at Animal Crossing New Horizons.
Mario backpacks are available at Nook Shopping Animal Crossing New Horizons and you can also Buy Bells Animal Crossing, lessons, flowers, and in some cases the devastating turtle shell. Please be aware that in Animal Crossing New Horizons you'll be able to only get 5 Mario items per day plus the catalog is about the Promotions tab.