I first started WoW at wow tbc gold the time that gearscore was going up, and before LFG was introduced (dps meters were in existence). I observed a shift in community that would allow you to avoid dangerous people to play dungeons and simply kick those with the lowest dps to get a replacement in seconds. 

It's even more difficult in WoW. The "interview" process of joining groups changed from simply checking their gear to examining the entire experience of the group (people generally require you to have 4 years experience to take on their entry level position).

This is awesome. The raid icon line was left outbecause I do not want the macros to be altered every time I'm using tank marking it as square. However, it's useful to be aware of the syntax should I want to bring it to the macro. Thanks for the help!

A typical "I have been playing WoW since my mother was wiping my face and feeding me gerber mushi" precursor to the post. It's much more than WoW. I've played GW2, LOTRO SWTOR, WHO, SWTOR, SWTOR, WHO, as well as all other acronyms associated with MMORPGs. Capital cities were the ideal place to sit and wait for my group's formation, so I could play with all the games.

FFXIV made me realize the importance of the actions of buy WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold those around me. I took a trip to Limsa to join the old redcoats (malestrom I believe is the proper name. I do not know why I began in Limsa however they are my mandatory choice. As I entered the plaza, I smelt a familiar song.