Pokemon Sword and Shield is currently the hottest version of the game, with many original pokemon and newly added pokemon. But before entering the game, it is worth considering which pokemon to start.

Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey have been the first Pokémon. They are fire, water, and grass-type pokemon. In general, there is no problem choosing any of them. Because you can Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon. But knowing the three of them helps us understand the game better.

Sobble's advantage is that it can learn the 12-level water pulse, and eventually evolve Inteleon to become a speed master. In the early game, it will be the strongest attack. Conducive to the players to fight. But in the treatment of grass type, Sobble is more uncomfortable.

Grookey is an excellent grass-type Pokemon. Its basic health value is very high. It is very useful in the player's second gymnasium challenge. And it will not be consumed too much in the first stadium. It and Sobble will play a bigger role in the early stage.

Scorbunny can learn this powerful action of Pyro Ball, and when it evolves into Cinderace, it will become a powerful high-speed Pokémon. In the face of the sixth stadium curator, Melony has a great advantage. It has growth potential. It may not be very advantageous in the early stage, but it is a better choice in the long run.

But no matter which launcher you choose, the difference in difficulty will not be too great. And the top three leaders of the stadium are grass type, water type, and fire type. They all have a chance to become Shiny Pokemon. I don't know if you would like that better, but I would recommend Scorbunny. The cute and lively rabbit gives me a feeling of infinite possibilities.