Amazon released a new video on what happened last month with MMOs and some plans for the future. Included in this video are bug fixes and remedies for other issues plaguing the world of New World Coins Aeternum, and the detailed update instructions are an hour long. Here are the main ones included.
Most of Amazon's fixes to this version came after the game was released, fixing over 700 bugs. It contains 225 improvement tasks and 350 or so minor bugs. This effectively prevents players from encountering these troubles while playing the game. In addition to this, some improvements have been made to the existing system.
New for February was the addition of quality of life, including a reduction in fast travel costs, which was one of the main things the Amazon team did in February. Compared with the previous one hour, the recovery time of the inn now only takes 30 minutes. Players can channel anytime, anywhere, and reset the player's recall cost. This has to be said to be a major breakthrough. Amazon's developers say this gives players the opportunity to travel the world with true freedom. However, this month did not add other important content for players, looking forward to the news in March. In addition, they also made some notes on server updates and changes to the mode of the battle game. Distributor transfer tokens are one of their solutions. To address some issues in Outpost Rush, in order to make the game mode more valuable and help players strengthen their team, they will be adding some such changes including new loot and features.
In addition, the team will start working on the scoring system, because it involves a very big problem, and that is to better handle the operation of the computer. Not only that, but what's even happier is that a major change has been made to the team's game rewards. This change will give players some expertise, as well as access to better weapons and equipment to help you earn tokens for your faction.
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