with a marketplace capitalization of over $50 Rocket League Items million–the group is now investing in the folks who it hopes will help rework Guild into Europe’s exceptional esports squad.

Today, the company showed the signing of David “Deevo” Morrow to complete its professional Rocket League roster, ahead of the RLCS X Winter Split, which kicks off on November 12. This nearby event takes location in both North America and Europe, with $100,000 prize finances shared out in each gathering.

Guild has run a good sized range of tryouts in the maximum recent trade window, and has said it’s “very assured” that Deevo Rocket League Items Shop will be the best person for the group, and satisfy its ambition of prevailing a chief. He will be part of Thomas "ThO." Binkhorst and Joseph "noly" Kidd in Guild’s 3-guy group.