Many companies that are wondering how to start with Inbound Marketing can see their will diminished with the myriad of websites that today see a handful of old articles on their blog, abandoned Twitter accounts and remodeled pages that they launched.

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Although there are those who say that "at least they tried", the reality of the situation is that all those incomplete efforts were a bad decision in the use of resources of a company.

The number one reason why a company fails with its Inbound Marketing strategy is to implement it halfway. They only adopt a part of the methodology, they do not implement it in all its stages.  

Why are you failing?

Failing to implement a full program is the equivalent of giving a down payment on a car and never finishing paying off credit or laying the foundation of a house and never finishing building it.

An inbound strategy is like a car. It's made up of many different pieces that on their own aren't going to get you anywhere. But also a car, without gasoline, is not going to take you very far, right?

Likewise, an inbound strategy without content is not going to get you anywhere (or without SEO, landing pages, call to action, forms, social networks, etc.)

Put gas in the car but do not put tires on it and you will be back in the same situation.

In the inbound methodology, all the components of the strategy must be working at the same time to obtain results.

  • What's the value of optimizing your site to convert visitors to leads if you don't have visitors in the first place?

  • What is the value of attracting many visitors to your website if you do not have a system that converts them into leads or customers?

  • What is the value of generating leads if you are not going to follow up?

Each piece of the inbound methodology relies on the others, so if you don't put them together, you will easily go to great lengths without seeing results.

What can you do?

I know that you may be thinking that you do not have enough resources to do all that. I get it. Even when you know that Inbound Marketing is going to work for your business, it is not easy for everyone to see the value.

The best way to get more resources in marketing is to demonstrate a return on investment, right? Well, for those who are already investing in an inbound marketing strategy, I recommend investing equally in each stage of the inbound methodology.

Once you have the foundations in place in each of the stages, you can start allocating efforts to each of them in particular.

Even so, many companies still consider delegating all the responsibility for implementing the strategy to a single person who does it "in-house" and is the one who manages a software like HubSpot because, in theory, it is the most economical option.

It is your responsibility to generate optimized blog articles, premium content offers, optimize landing pages, maintain relationships with contacts through emails, maintain the conversation on social networks and delight customers once they have signed a contract, among many other activities that are behind.

To achieve this optimally, a number of different skills are needed (and the time to put them into practice), with the sole objective of demonstrating the value of the strategy reflected in more and better leads and more customers for the company.

If you want to implement a strategy that generates results, there are HubSpot partner agencies, such as Grou , that can help you figure out how to implement Inbound Marketing with all the responsibilities and activities that surround it to achieve the results you expect.



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