You can generate a lot of traffic with Pay Per Click campaigns. So it's best to put them on autopilot and enjoy? No, that's not true.
If you are looking to optimize your return on investment, you should approach PPC campaigns with an Inbound Marketing perspective.

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This means that you must not forget what makes inbound successful in the first place: create valuable content, earn the trust of your audience and do not try to sell from the first contact.

These are 5 tips to combine the Inbound methodology with your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy:

  1. Create high-value content

We all agree that there is too much content out there. The AdWords campaigns successful start with quality content. This is basic inbound marketing, but it's always worth remembering.

We're not going to take a piece of low-quality, irrelevant content and pay to push it. We have to use the best we have to offer and show it to the right people.

  1. Define your Buyer Personas

Again, defining your Buyer Personas is a basic Inbound practice. However, this does not make it less important, especially in paid channels that allow you to segment your audience very specifically.

Reaching the right people will depend on segmentation, and segmenting is easier when you know who you want to reach and correctly use your insights to refine that audience. As a consequence, you will have higher quality traffic on your site.

  1. Launch your campaign

With your Buyer Personas well defined, you can now launch your campaign.

The distribution channels can be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, Outbrain, Taboola, Nativo, Perfect Audience or GoChime, to mention the ten most used globally.

Choosing a platform will depend on the nature of your campaign, your goals, and your audience.

  1. Measure and modify

Once your ad is active, you must measure its results. Use the information and insights it generates to make adjustments and increase your effectiveness, either by optimizing targeting or budgeting to boost your reach. Your goal should be to attract valuable leads to your site.

  1. Use insights to improve your content

The insights you have collected can be used to develop and improve your content strategy.

Your first paid ad may not be the most effective, but it should give you good feedback on the pros and cons of the content you promoted.

Since the Inbound methodology starts with content, creating more effective content is going to help you amplify results in your future endeavors.

In summary

You can't pay to promote anything and expect spectacular results.

The days of intrusive marketing and hard selling are long gone, which means that inbound methodology will be key to getting your message across to the right people.

Start with valuable content, targeted to the right people, and use the right tools so you can measure and optimize on the go.



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