Few things feel as good when you do Inbound Marketing as launching a new piece of premium content on your website and you start to see your downloads increase.

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If you have been doing Inbound Marketing for a long time, you know that success is measured by three main numbers: traffic to your website, conversions and income .

Measuring traffic and revenue is easy, but how do you measure conversion success?

Leads, conversions and forms

Unfortunately, not all leads who fill out a form are the same. So while your last landing page received 100 forms, not all generated leads are equally valuable.

To know how to generate qualified leads, we must first understand what types of leads exist.

What is a lead?

In its simplest form, it is a contact that was added to your database when they filled out a form. That person who filled out your " Contact Us" form is now a lead. Also that person who signed up for your webinar is a lead.

So, essentially, leads are contacts who were interested enough in your organization that they gave you their information in some exchange.

However, the fact of having downloaded a resource from your website does not mean that that lead is a qualified prospect, which takes us to the next step to qualify prospects: Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) .

What is a Marketing Qualified Lead?

An MQL, unfortunately, is also not completely ready to make a purchase. However, due to the information you have collected from him or her, you can tell if he or she is more involved and closer to the time of the sale than a common lead.

What is a Sales Qualified Lead?

An SQL is ready to buy and you should pass it on to the sales team. These are the most valuable leads, not only because they have indicated interest in your company and its products or services, but also that they are ready to buy.

Importance of demographic and psychographic segmentation

Surely you think that now, after having clear the classifications that exist, it is time to start qualifying leads, right? No, it is not yet time to do it. Before you start qualifying your leads, you must turn to see your Buyer Personas.

What are the details that really make them your ideal clients? Is it your job title? Your company's income? While these details contribute to how they are perceived by your sales team, they are not the only details that matter.

Your behavior matters too. In other words, when a contact has visited your website 10 times in the last 15 days, they are probably more interested in your organization than someone who visited it once 3 months ago. That is why behavior matters.

If your question is how to close more sales, identify the demographic and behavioral details that most clearly indicate the availability to buy of certain contacts. Now, these are two very easy ways to qualify prospects with HubSpot:

Smart Lists

If you haven't used smart lists , you should know that they are one of HubSpot's most useful tools. Basically they allow you to take all your existing contacts and new contacts (regardless of their origin) and create lists based on criteria that you choose.

Let's say you want to create a list of SQLs. To use a simple example, let's say that the SQLs are those contacts defined as "directors" in their title and who have requested a demo.

Once the filters are defined and the list is activated, any contact that meets those criteria will automatically be added to the list.

Tip: Turn on notifications to alert your sales team whenever this happens.

HubSpot's Lead Scoring

Hubspots lead qualification allows you to take the facts and behaviors that your company considers important and, basically, qualify each and every contact in your system.

Think of it as a thermometer: when the contacts are close to 0, they are very cold, but approaching 100 they are hot and ready to buy.

Using lead qualification, the weight you assign to different values ​​and behaviors of your leads contributes to how fast they go up or down on the thermometer. This system takes all factors into account at the same time to see the complete picture of your leads.

If you assign an SQL as a 90 or higher, you will know that when a lead reaches that qualification, all the positive and negative attributes are already taken into account. HubSpot does all the heavy lifting of organizing your profiles for you.

Adding it to a smart list (rating 90 or higher) and internal notifications can also inform you when a truly qualified contact appears in your database.

Once these lead qualification systems are in place, you can determine campaigns to get more customers and demand generation to help your sales team focus on the really worthwhile prospects who are ready to buy.



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