Players will get a lot of loot in Diablo 2 Resurrected, loot is vital to flesh out your character with new armor, but a lot of new items you might not be able to use, you need to identify them and reveal every stat. So you need to have Tome of Identify.

How to get Tome of Identify in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

You can buy Scrolls of Identify in the shop in Act 1 with D2R Gold, or by defeating enemies, each scroll takes up an inventory slot. You can buy testimonials from almost any vendor you meet in Act 1. Be sure to buy as soon as possible.

When you first buy a testimonial, you'll need to drag any loose testimonial scrolls you pick up into the item before you drop it into the item. This will be the only time it will take. Additional Recognition Scrolls obtained after Book Scrolls will be automatically placed in Recognition Scrolls.

How to use Tome of Identify?

Click Scrolls of Identify, and then click the currently unidentified item. That's it. The item will magically transform into something usable, and your item will become incredibly powerful. If you're addicted to quickly identifying items, you'll spend all of your Gold on the process in no time. Luckily, if you play well, you can learn to recognize items absolutely for free.

After completing the Den of Evil and the Sisters' Burial Grounds quest in Act 1, you'll get the Search for Cain quest. After completing the quest, you'll find Cain at the Rogue Encampment, who will happily identify all of your items for free. Cain performs this process in bulk, making it the fastest way to identify your entire inventory.

After unlocking Cain, you may wish to choose a hybrid identification method. You should stockpile Scrolls of Identify for single use. If you've built a bunch of items that need to be identified, use the town portal scroll to teleport back to Cain. Make sure to prioritize this task. If you don't complete the quest, Cain will still appear in the second act, but he will charge a service fee of 100 gold.

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