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I usually focus on video games, but sometimes I dip into sports when sports and video games collide. It usually happens around Super Bowl season, when EA Sports releases the yearly Madden NFL prediction for the winner of the big game.

The first year I reported this, it was quite a wild experience because the game predicted not only which team would be the victor, but also the exact final score of the game. It was pretty wild!

However, since then, the games' predictive capabilities have been much more hit and miss. You can scroll to bottom of this post to see every prediction, right and wrong, but the game's reputation for being extremely precise has diminished in recent time.

The year is 2009, EA Sports has enlisted the one and only Marshawn Lynch for in the role of seer or fortune teller . Lynch will be looking through his crystal ball for prediction of the Super Bowl LVI prediction:

The game's simulation shows players from the Cincinnati Bengals beat the LA Rams 24-21 in a very tightly fought game that is an absolute blast to experience. (If I'm truthful, I don't really focus on who wins. I'm always in the mood for an extremely close game that's fun , and not just an overwhelming blowout).

In the release of press:

"Led by young superstar player Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals take a tough win over the stacked LA Rams, 24-21, giving the city Cincinnati the first Super Bowl title. Because of his leadership and his performance at the event, Burrow wins the famed Super Bowl MVP title in only his second year in the league, which makes an unprecedented quarterback get the Heisman, College Football National Championship and Super Bowl. While the Rams appear to be heavy favoriteswith a win-now strategy at their home stadium but the Bengals are on the rise and have momentum on their side.Check out the complete details of the story as reported by Madden NFL 22 in this newly released video, featuring NFL famous Marshawn Lynch.

"In the prediction of the prediction, the Bengals start the second half with a 14-7 deficit following touchdowns scored by Rams running back Sony Michel and red-hot wide receiver Cooper Kupp, with Ja'Marr Chase putting up an unofficial Bengals only touchdown. Then, at the start of the second half, the Bengals take on the defense with the cornerback Eli Apple picking off Matthew Stafford and bringing his ball back to home to draw the game. Joe Burrow takes the lead early in the fourth period on an interception ball to Tee Higgins. Los Angeles answers with an Odell Beckham Jr. touchdown to draw the game. In the final minutes, Burrow gets his team in field goal range creating another opportunity for buy Mut 22 coins Evan McPherson to step up and kick the decisive field goal for an historic win for the Bengals franchise."