Linux is an open-source operating system built-in 1991 for supercomputers, but its use has expanded to underpin systems for cars, phones, web servers.

Linux Course in Chennai provides you technical skills in Linux os like administration, debugging, installation and testing.

How does it work?

Linux was built to be similar to UNIX but has evolved to work on a wide variety of hardware from mobile to supercomputers. Each Linux-based OS involves the Linux kernel That manages hardware resources and a set of software packages that make up the rest of the operating system.

The Linux operating system has some common core components, such as GNU tools, among others. These tools provide the user a path to manage the resources provided by the kernel, install additional software, configure performance and security settings. All of these tools are together to make up the functional operating system. Because Linux is an open-source Operating system, combinations of software can change between Linux distributions. 

Features of Linux operating system


Linux is a multi-user system that means more users can access systems like memory, RAM, Application programs at the same time.


Multiple applications can run at the same time in Linux operating system.

hierarchical File system

Linux gives a standard file structure in which system files, user files are arranged.


Linux provides a special editor program that can be used to execute commands of the operating system. It can be used to do various types of operations, call applications, programs, etc.


Linux gives user security using authentication features like password protection, control access to specific files, encryption of data.


portability refers to software that can work on several types of hardware in the same way. Application programs and Linux kernel assist their installation on any kind of hardware platform.


Linux operating system source code is freely available and also it is a community-based development project. Multiple sets of teams work in collaboration to improve the capability of Linux OS and it is continuously evolving.

Linux Training in Chennai will get you better job opportunities. System administration, cloud computing, and big data are the best skills you can learn in Linux.

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