Vastu Shastra outlines some fundamentals that people believe lead to such a degree of happiness and prosperity that no amount of money can purchase. A home is a big investment blue world city. So when it comes to buying an apartment , it's wise to pick a home that is built according to Vastu principles.

Vastu guidelines help create the most pleasant living spaces that promote happiness prosperity, wealth, and prosperity to the lives of inhabitants. Here is a quick tutorial on how to verify Vastu before you buy an apartment, and focusing on the most important aspects.

Wall colors and entrance

Buying an apartment and shifting on a Tuesday or a Saturday is considered unlucky. It is best to choose apartments that are square or rectangular, with no downward slopes. Avoid those with sharp cuts in the layout. A clean and tidy entrance is your primary goal because it can bring happiness and prosperity for your family.

Entrances facing the north bring economic and business success. Beware of stairs in the northeastern corner to avoid issues in the future. According to Vastu, you may want to avoid walls painted with black and red hues. Instead, you should choose lighter colors such as cream, white, yellow, blue or green since these colors bring positivity. It is preferential to share your house walls with neighbors.

Living space and kitchen

According to Vastu the best kitchens for you are those that face the South-east/north-west direction. Furthermore, you must position the stove in it that the one cooking is always facing east. The best option is to make the room in the east part of the home your living room. It will allow you to develop and strengthen social relations among your friends.

Bedrooms as well as Bathrooms

It is recommended to make the bedrooms facing the west and southern as your son's room. The room that faces south-west must be the master bedroom or the room of the parents. If you have children, you can try to select a north-west facing bedroom.

Bathrooms should be in the north-east direction and the doors to the bathroom should not be facing the kitchen or the dining area. It is recommended to stay away from apartments with balconies facing the South or West direction.

Windows and doors

Your home must have windows and doors that are in even amounts. Make sure that the doors open to the inside. The windows and balconies must be facing east and north in order to get plenty of sunlight in the morning. This can bring happiness and good health to inhabitants. This is all we require to be more efficient in various fields. Positivity is of paramount importance to your personal life, as it is good for your health as well as the performance of a professional or business owner.


When you follow Vastu Shastra guidelines you can achieve success, happiness, and peace for yourself along with your entire family. You have to be careful when choosing apartments as when it is determined that the Vastu of the area is wrong that can cause problems in the future. Make sure you choose a company that construct apartment buildings that conform to Vastu guidelines.