Air Travel is one of the most comfortable forms of commute we have right now. However, this comfort can sometimes turn into exhaustion due to lengthy procedures, lousy time management, and customer service problems. Fortunately, making Spirit Airlines reservations can be the easy way out of all the hassle. 

The Airline is an ultra-low-cost one, whose customer-centric methods and approach have made it one of the USA’s most loved airlines. The airlines provide access to canceling, booking, online check-ins, and a lot more to provide a better flying experience to all its customers.

Are you one of those customers wanting to check your reservation details or the flight status before actually boarding the flight? This article contains comprehensive information on how to review your Spirit Airlines booking and flight status.

The steps to check your Booking

Follow the steps given below to find out information about your flight bookings:

  1. Choose the browser of your preference and open the official web portal of Spirit Airlines.
  2. Find and click the ‘My trips’ option on the Hompage.
  3. You will be required to fill in a few details on the next page, like your reservation number and last name.
  4. Finally, you can check your reservation details.
  5. Additionally, if you want to manage the booking, you can select one of the options available below, like Cancelation, rescheduling, or Check-in for the booking.


Furthermore, if you want to inquire about A flight’s itineraries or status, you can check it through this method:

Using Flight number: Log in to the official website; find and click the Flight Status tab.

Enter the flight number you want to enquire about, fill in the date as well. You will then be able to check your flight’s current status.

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Using the destination: Log in and do the steps as told previously. Enter the flight’s departure and arrival destinations along with the dates of travel. That will do the work.

These steps may help you in booking or checking your Spirit Airlines reservations the next time around. If you are still having trouble with your itineraries, you can simply call the Customer support team, and they will help guide you through the process.

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