To celebrate the Festival event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can decorate the city with seasonal furniture that can help the celebration.

Like other seasonal celebrations, the Festival event also brings players new furniture they can use to include color with their city. Different from some other events, the items of furniture in this set can't be made using DIY recipes. This does not mean they are difficult to pass,  because this guide will outline how players can acquire these holiday decorations.

How to prepare for the Animal Crossing Festival 
One month ahead of the start with the game, players will find furniture on the market at Festivale in Cranny in Nook. The display for the left side of the store offers different products every single day, so kindly visit Timmy and Tommy regularly for the chance to get an awesome product. Also, you can buy other cheaper Animal Crossing Items on the website.

Most of Festivale's items are sold in Nook's Cranny store. Like Festivale Flag,Festivale Lamp,Festivale Drum,Festivale Parasol,etc. A total of 29,400 bells are needed to purchase each item inside the Festival set. This is a fairly hefty sum, so you can buy the cheapest Animal Crossing Bells on anytime.  

Although it is not made, players can easily still customize furniture in this particular set! They can display five different color modes, every island carries a different color. As long as players find a rainbow feather within the day from the Festival, they could use one of those to make the furnishings any color they need. They modify the festival according to this geared to the decoration of the region and organize private parties for friends!