What is Nightmare of Ashihama?

Nightmare of Ashihama is a group boss battle in Old School RuneScape, a group boss event that supports up to 80 players. It challenges players to fight a monster called The Nightmare located in Morytania.

In an interesting move by Jagex, Nightmare's health and combat stats depend on the number of players in battle. That means a group of 5 players has as many chances as a mob of 80. To start the fight, the player just needs to get close to the Nightmare's body, select Interference, and you'll go right into the instance.

If players defeat Nightmare or every player is defeated, then the battle is over. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare sufficient OSRS Gold For Sale in advance for emergencies. If you get to her and she's floating on the ground instead of lying on the ground, you'll know that another group is battling nightmares.

How to get to Nightmare of Ashihama?

Nightmare of Ashihama is located in Moritania, so you'll need to be able to visit this location to participate. This is the only limitation.

Her exact location is in the Sisterhood Sanctuary, just below the town of Slepe. You're not actually going to fight her here, though - no. You are actually fighting her in her dreams. It is recommended that you set all combat stats above level 85 so you don't get killed in one hit. We also recommend using a higher prayer level, as you will need a protective prayer to mitigate damage.

You can run to Slepe or take one of the following quick ways to get there:

Teleport to Ver Sinhaza using a Drakan's Medallian, then run to Slepe.
Teleport to Ectofuntus using an Ectophial and pay Andras 10,000 Gold to row you to Slepe. Andras is located to the north of Ectofuntus.

Nightmare's Combat Strategy

Once in combat, you need to pay attention to various regular and special attacks in order to successfully mitigate them. Regular attacks can be mitigated by the right prayer, which greatly reduces the damage they do, although special attacks require a different approach. Here's how a conventional attack works:

Magic: The Nightmare will spin and shoot pink flower petals at a player.
Ranged: The Nightmare starts twitching, with spikes appearing on her body, before flinging the spikes at a nearby player.
Melee: The Nightmare will fling her arms behind her head and hit a nearby player in front of here.

Experienced players recommend keeping magic protection in combat at all times, and switching to missile protection when the nightmare begins to prepare for a long-range attack, and then switching back. If the Nightmare isn't facing you, you're safe too - basically, you can mitigate melee damage with firm positioning.

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