If you are running a business which needs to meet the customer requirements consistently, then achieving ISO certification is the best option for it. In this modern world, whatever the company’s size, type, or field of activity, it is not that easy to get an accreditation for an organization in the business market either in the local or international market. But the ISO certification gives you an accreditation and as well as a global recognition by letting you follow the best practices and standardized requirements, specifications or characteristics.

Before jumping into the conclusion, whether achieving ISO certification for your business is necessary or not? It is a must to understand ISO certification and how it benefits the growth of your organization.

ISO certification - What is it?

About ISO:

 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent, non-governmental organization that develops voluntary, consensus-based, market-relevant and globally recognized standards to implement the quality and safety in the businesses. ISO has developed more than 20,000 standards to focus on numerous areas of the businesses.

ISO standards provide requirements to implement the process and services whereas the ISO certification establishes and ensures consistency and reliability.

This worldwide organization develops and publishes international standards. But, it neither conducts conformity assessments nor provides ISO certification. The certification process is done by external certification bodies like IAS (Integrated Assessment Services).

ISO certification

It is the process of verifying an organization’s management system, manufacturing process, products and services whether they meet the applicable certification requirements for standardization. ISO certification is a globally recognized certification that establishes the organization’s involvement in providing safe, best-quality products consistently to the customers/clients. Moreover, achieving this ISO certification enhances credibility and ensures better relationships with your stakeholders.

Types of ISO certification

No one knows your business process more than you. You are the one responsible for developing your organization’s management system performance. You can only decide, implementation of which ISO standard helps you meet your customer requirements. Each ISO certification is responsible for the betterment of different ISO standards. Here are some of the popular ISO certification standards and their benefits.

ISO 9001 – The Quality Management System (QMS) Standard

Improve quality, increase credibility!

Looking for an impressive way to develop the quality of your products, processes and services? Here is ISO 9001 standard. Implementing the requirements of ISO 9001 helps organizations to address the various aspects of Quality Management System (QMS). It is a generic ISO standard, developed to be suitable for any organization, regardless of its size, type, nature.

Latest Version: ISO 9001:2015

Benefits of ISO 9001 Standards

  • Specifies requirements to improve the quality of products and services
  • Ensures consistency and reliability
  • Improves the performance of the Quality Management System
  • Helps maintain proper documents
  • Ensures clarity in work
  • Improves employees’ confidence
  • Enhances customers’ satisfaction
  • Helps win new business opportunities

ISO 14001 - The Environmental Management System (EMS) Standard

Effective EMS, enhanced profit!

Impressing the clients or employees is no more a tough task! The ISO 14001 helps design, develop and implement the performance of the organization in all environmental aspects. It is also the generic standard which can be applied for all organizations regardless of their size, type and field of activity. This is the most recommended standard for more polluting industries.

ISO 14001 specifies requirements and systematic framework for the organization or industry to implement an effective Environmental Management System.

Latest Version: ISO 14001:2015

Benefits of ISO 14001 Standards

  • Helps organizations to manage the environmental responsibilities
  • Enhances the performance of an environment
  • Develops the environmental policy and objectives
  • Fulfills the environmental policy and compliance
  • Suitable for all organizations

ISO 27001 - The Information Security Management System (ISMS) Standard

Secure information, safe reputation!

Want to strengthen your security system? Then implementing requirements ISO 27001 is the best choice. It specifies requirements to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve the Information Security Management System of the organization. It also provides a systematic framework to reduce unauthorized or third party access and information security risks. This generic standard is applicable to all organizations regardless of their size, type and nature. ISO 27001 is the most recommended standard for the organization that manages the clients' or customers’ confidential data or information assets.

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