EA maintains data about Mut 22 coins the way players play throughout the year for these games and one of the things they're able is then determine which NFL players are providing for the players.

So far we've gotten a handful of reveals, and they're just keeping going, so we could get a full Madden 22 Awards class by the end of the night.

All Madden 22 Awards Players Announced (so far)

While there are still more Madden 22 Awards to be announced, we've already discovered four players being honored.

The first was Micah Parsons, and he's been chosen as Rookie of the Year in the Madden 22 Awards. Although the criteria aren't specific for this award, it's a completely understandable choice based on how Parsons delivered on the field this season.

If he plays exactly like his real-life counterpart in Madden 22 it should be no surprise that gamers have been relying on his defensive abilities this year. Tyrann Mathieu was the next to be featured and was named Tackles Leader in Madden 22 Awards. Madden 22 Awards, as players had 198.8 Million tackles in the game with Mathieu last year on Madden 22.

Prior to attempting to buy madden coins lead the Los Angeles Rams to a Super Bowl victory, Jalen Ramsey was named Interceptions Leader for Madden 22 Awards. Madden 22 Awards with 49.2 Million interceptions made by Jalen Ramsey in Madden 22.