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Park View City is honored to announce that we have been chosen as the official umpire partner once again for the seventh season. We have previously sponsored a tournament the social media contest where our fans won thrilling prizes. We are excited to come back with new surprises for our loyal fans. It's indeed a huge honor to be part of this major event. park view plots for sale

It's not a surprise that the game of cricket is the most adored and watched sport among Pakistanis and is a game that brings us all together. It's refreshing to watch the enthusiastic cricket fans preparing themselves for another thrilling game. True fans understand that it's not about either winning or losing; but it is about how you play the sport. It is clear that our team of cricketers are very hard-working and our players have shown their superiority at numerous times. Park View City Park View City also acknowledge the love of the people in our society . We have the privilege of showing live cricket on our grand screens to entertain them and provide comfort. We also have associates with the team of our national side, and our society members have the opportunity to see the latest series on a huge screen.Get prepared as Park View City Lahore is returning to bring the most loved family-friendly event to the city again. Enjoy a fresh start with us at the Family Festival

The staff here at Park View City Islamabad warmly welcomed our residents to the most stunning and impressive New Year celebration ever! They enjoyed the biggest celebration for families in the city, which featured the most spectacular Firework display as well as a massive food court that served a wide range of food options as well as 3D Map Projection to provide entertainment, a unique holographic Show with the magic and puppet Show for children as well as a Musical Concert for all to be a part of and move to the beat of beats.Our residents awaited the celebration with great anticipation and we ensured that we delighted them through every ways! We were amazed by the overwhelming enthusiasm that our residents showed as the event turned out to be the most popular ever held in the Twin Cities where over 10,000 cars and over 15,000 individuals took part to kick off the New Year with a bang and a roar! The event was extensively advertised across every social media platform, as well as the excitement was authentic as the audience were mostly positive. massive new Year event was led by Shehzad Khan and Shiza Hashmi. They ensured that they engaged the crowd at all times and ensured that the event ran effortlessly. A long-running firework Show was staged to kick off the new Year with an explosion! A sense of joy and laughter filled air as families viewed the largest fireworks show they've ever seen. Kids gathered with excitement as the bright lighting made the show an even more exciting experience. Alongside fireworks, there was the main event was Holographic park view plots for sale

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