Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of strange things and creatures. The bunny has returned with thousands of his Easter egg brothers, an otter knows when you capture marine life and asks for charity, and a pig sprinkled a radish from his nose while trying to sell us radishes. Some drips, it's very hygienic.

But when I ask the price of the turnip, one thing that always makes me and everyone else think and guess Nook Cranny is the rope part of the shop behind the counter.Those dark and ominous stairs haunt me everywhere. All it has to do is to enter more blanks even if it is just to figure out what it is and why it is doing it. Because it can be not only an ordinary apartment but also can not be used to store storage space.Players often buy the cheapest ACNH Bells on

Therefore, it is possible that the second floor of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a command center that can handle all kinds of ghostly things that happen suddenly when playing games in the dark at night. Perhaps in WandaVision’s writer’s room, the villagers gathered together and planned to say something the next day, so that my main character would be meek and would not question anything. Players can buy ACNH Items on

Ideally, I would like the second floor to be another shopping area, and when New Horizons is updated, we will be able to use that shopping area. If this is just a living space with Timmy and Tommy racing beds, I hope we have the opportunity to visit and take them for a drive.